Release Notes
7 26 2016

7/26/2016 Updates


Guesstimate spreadsheets are flexible, but not always simple. Sometimes you just want to run one particular function multiple times or share it with others.  After several requests, we’ve put together a system for creating calculators from spreadsheets. This allows you to generate many custom calculators from selected sets of inputs and outputs of any of your models.  Read more about them here (opens in a new tab).

Some use cases:

  • If someone is skeptical of your budget, make them a calculator and have them play with the inputs.
  • Want to convince others of the ROI of your product? Make a calculator for them to estimate it with.
  • Curious how much time you’ll spend brushing your teeth over your life? Use someone else’s calculator (opens in a new tab) if one exists.

City Population Integration

Performing a market size in New York? Rather than looking up the population, you can now directly query it using a convenient "@" syntax. Right now this syntax supports United States cities and their populations.  As you may imagine, we’re intending to add a lot more.  If there’s anything specific you would like us to see, please let us know.

Highlighted arrows & function inputs

Curious what all the children and parents of a node are? All arrows used to look the same, but now we highlight those connected to whatever metric is selected. Inputs are a dark green, outputs a dark blue.

We've also highlighted metric names in functions.  They're green if they're valid and red if they're broken.

Other small fixes

  • The ‘x’ button on the canvas sidebar now reads ‘close.’
  • We have a trash icon for deleting nodes, in case you don’t want to use key commands.