Release Notes
6 21 2016

6/21/2016 Updates

Organization Accounts

Today we're launching Guesstimate organizations (opens in a new tab). Now you can collaborate on private business analyses with your whole team.

Guesstimate organizations have been in private beta for the last few months. In that time several participating businesses and nonprofits have used organizations for substantial success. We’ve talked with teams that have systematically resolved office disputes, made decisive company revenue forecasts, projected and understood contracting fees, and developed deep understandings of their market sizes.

Organizations are free to use for public use, and have a free 14-day trial (opens in a new tab) for private use. Feel free to create organizations for your family, businesses, and more. If you'd like a demo, respond to this email and we'll set one up.

Function Autocomplete

In addition to organizations, we've launched a few other new features.

We now have a right bottom selection square that gets shown when you select a filled metric.  You can use this to copy one metric many times, or for complex iterative functions.

I've personally found this useful for estimating forecasts of stock market trends.  In the short video above, the 'Stock Market Returns' per year are all  independent of one another, as one would generally expect.

SIP & SLURP Import

SIPs and SLURPs are the two key elements to the SIPmath Standard (opens in a new tab), a standard designed for the communication of uncertain quantities.

Guesstimate can now import JSON Slurps via the 'file' menu within a space. Each SIP within the SLURP will be imported as a new metric at the bottom of the model, with the name, reasoning, and data of the metric inferred from the SIP.