Release Notes
4 5 2016

4/5/2016 Updates

Private Models

Now you can make models private in Guesstimate as part of our Lite and Premium plans (opens in a new tab).  Model privacy can be toggled at any time.

Skewed Distributions

We've added lognormal distributions (opens in a new tab) to help model non-negative numbers with long tails. This also gives you a great idea on what extreme positive or negative risks look like.

Data Integration

You can now copy & paste tables of data directly into cells in Guesstimate, then run calculations on full sets of data.

Model Copying

Interested in editing someone else's model, or want to save a snapshot of your own model?  Now we have a convenient 'copy' button.

Advanced Distributions

We also support several new distribution types, including beta, cauchy, exponential, gamma, student T, and lots more (opens in a new tab).